Frequently Asked Questions

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Is joining a naturist club kept confidential?

Where is Avonvale Sun Club?

When is the club open for members to use?

What type of people are members of Avonvale Sun Club?

We don't have perfect bodies so are we going to feel out of place?

Is Avonvale a club solely for couples / families?

Is Avonvale a friendly club?

Is it safe at Avonvale?

We have not been to a Naturist Club before so what happens at a first visit?

Do we have to be without clothes all the time?

Are there times when we would be expected to be without clothes?

We have children and they may not want to get undressed. Is that OK?

Are there any occasions when it is mandatory to be without clothes?

Do we have to be without clothes to attend functions?

Is it expensive to join Avonvale Sun Club?

Is Avonvale a proprietary Sun Club?

Are members expected to contribute to the running of the club?

Are there regular activities outside the summer and warm periods?

Are dogs allowed in the club?