Avonvale Sports

Boules (Petanque)
Table tennis

At Avonvale you can be as active or inactive as you wish as  there are no pressures on you to do anything other than enjoy your time at the club.  As a result there are facilities to suit everyone from just relaxing in the sun to a vigourous game of miniten.  Club visits are not just confined to the summer months as we are open all year round even on Christmas day if you wanted to, but of course we would be suitably clothed during cold weather.  Therefore sports at Avonvale are played year round.


Miniten is a popular sport at Avonvale but what is miniten?  Well it is a game common only to Naturist clubs in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and is played to the same rules as ordinary tennis.  However the size of the court is a lot smaller than tennis and is not played with a raquet but with a double bladed wooden bat known as a "thug".

It is a very fast paced game and just as skilful as tennis but does take some getting used to because of the unusual bat (thug)


Boules or Petanque is played on a regular basis at the club, all year round. There is a boules ladder which you can join.